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Eren x Reader Glazing Rooftops
Glazing Rooftops
"Eren!" you called."Eren! Where are you!? Eren!" Everyone was staring at you. You were frantic, in a panic. There you were, 10 years old living in the Shiganshina District. Everything used to be so great...
Blood trickled down you forehead. The floor board must've hit you hard. Your house was gone, crushed under the foot of a titan. Your parents, gone. The beast's ankle was only a foot from your face.
You were crying at this point. Screaming. "Eren!!! Mikasa!!! Eren!!!!"
The other screams were muffled by your panic. People were running past you, fleeing into boats and running for the next wall. "It's over..." you mutter as you slow down. "Everything's over..." You come to a halt as the tears flow more. "No... I don't want to die... Eren... Armin... Mikasa... No... No..."
You're swooped off your feet by a member of the Garrison. He's carrying you towards the boats. "No more... Please no more.." you mutter. Your eyes begin to shut slowly, the noise is fading.
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USING THIS FOR TUMBLR NOT MINE by CrazyGrace200 USING THIS FOR TUMBLR NOT MINE :iconcrazygrace200:CrazyGrace200 2 3
Sicily Stories 4
Sicily Stories
       "Papa! Papa look it’s so big!” She pointed up to the large temple. It was beyond anything she’d ever seen before.
“It’s the Parthenon. It’s the most important temple in Greece.” He started to smile. Who knows, maybe you’ll build important temples too~”
“You think so~!? Yay~~~! I’m-a gunna be a great country just like you papa~!”
Greece smiled. “I’m sure you will sweetie.” He looked up at the clock. “Oh… Time for a nap…” Sicily frowned.
“But I took three today!”
“But I like naps… Especially with my cats… It’s so soft… Hmmm…”
“Can I play while papa takes his nap~? I’ll take the next one with you I promise papa~!”
He thought for awhile. “Hmmm… Ok then… But don’t get into trouble.”
       “Yay~! I promise papa~!” He
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Sicily's Stories 3
Sicily Stories
      “Another voyage!!? S-sir we’ve been to that island 12 times… How many times must we go? What’s even there?” Greece had to see her again.  He didn’t know what it was about her, but she was always so happy when he came to visit. Seeing her smile made him happy, but he didn’t know why.
“Yes. Another voyage. I’m almost done with the job mom gave me.” He didn’t like lying, but if it didn’t sound important the crew might not take him. No. It wasn’t lying. It was important, at least to him.
The captain of the ship sighed. “But feast is tomorrow… The gods will punish us if we don’t celebrate…”
“Yes, yes I know, but we can celebrate on the island and return the next day!”
“I’m not sure Greece…” Greece thought for a while, then had an idea.
“Ok, take me there now. You’ll drop me at the island and s
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Sicily's Stories 2
Sicily Stories      
       “An island… Under Italy… Shouldn’t be too hard to find… I can see it on the map…” Greece kept muttering to himself as the crew continued to pack up the ship. The exploration was just about to commence.  They were heading to southern Italy, where the island his mother had told him about lived.
“Sir? The ship is almost set but…”
“But…?” Greece asked.
“Sir why do we have to bring all these cats…?” Greece stared at him for a while with his usual day dreamed look.
“I love cats… They’re… They’re so cool…”
The crewmember sighed. “Ok sir… Whatever you say….”
The boat set sail from the port as the voyage began. They had to encounter the harsh waves and long distance, but Greece was asleep the whole time so he wouldn’t remember that part….
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Sicily's Stories 1
Sicily’s Stories
       “Mom… I don’t understand what you’re asking of me…” Greece held onto his mother’s hand tightly. He knew what it had come to. Ancient Greece was falling, and turning into a modern, governed society such as Rome.
“Just listen to me child… There are three things, three wishes I want you to fulfill… Will you do that for me…?”
“W-wishes?” he asked tearfully. “A-anything mom. J-just say it…” She smiled back lovingly and gripped his hand.
       “You’re still very young for a country… No one started out at seven-teen child… Be careful ok…?”
       “Y-yes mom…”
       “Keep my ruins safe ok…? Don’t let them go to waste.”
       “Yes mom…”
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Akai (Vocaloid OC) by CrazyGrace200 Akai (Vocaloid OC) :iconcrazygrace200:CrazyGrace200 0 7 Sunflowers by CrazyGrace200 Sunflowers :iconcrazygrace200:CrazyGrace200 5 8 Finland (not done yet) by CrazyGrace200 Finland (not done yet) :iconcrazygrace200:CrazyGrace200 4 2 I Will Always Return by CrazyGrace200 I Will Always Return :iconcrazygrace200:CrazyGrace200 10 14
Servant of Evil
We were born as a pair, a duo, and a shared heart. We were welcomed into the world with the sounds of church bells filling the heaven's highs. Though we're of different genders we are the exact copy of each other. It's hard to believe we're fraternal. But you were born first, and there is no room in this kingdom for two airs to the throne.
At an age so young, but old enough to remember, the selfish ways of adults twisted our fate and split us apart. We would no longer be a matching pair, duo, or shared heart. Our heart would be split the second they grabbed my arm and threw me into the carriage. We begged and screamed but it was over. They had taken me away into an unfamiliar home.
An exact decade had passed when I stood at the doors of our palace, or so to say yours. You greeted me with tears, hugs, and joyous laughs. But that was not to be tolerated, for you were now the Queen, and I was now merely your servant. But we were still a pair,
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Conversations Within our Fate
Her hair like silk flew through the wind as she looked down at her demolished creation. Feathers hung lose from the delicate creature. Its eyes gazed open, same as the moment before it hit the ground, before it knew its outcome, like it was standing still in time. Tears swept her face as she bent down to pick it up, but stopped, for she knew it was no longer in her grasp.
"I told you to watch out for humans little one. They hunt you for game and broil you for food. They have no respect for you, for others of their kind, for me. They have no respect for me, Life."
She continued to sob with no knowledge of the shadow like figure behind her. "Are you done mourning Life?" the figure called from behind. "I'd like to do my job if that's fine with you."
She stepped to the side as the figure walked towards the lifeless creation. From its cloak, long, knife like hands reached and delicately took the bird into his grasp, and in a flash, it turned into nothing but ashes in which the figure carele
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The Interlopers (Part 2)
The following story is a continuation of a pre-existing story. Please read, 'The Interlopers' by Saki before reading this. Thank you~
"Who are they?" asked George quickly, straining his eyes to see what the other would gladly not have seen.
Feeling his eyes widen under the blinding stains of blood George looked harder. "Y-you're kidding me, right Ulrich? T-this is all j-just a joke right?"
"I'm a man of my word George. I've never lied, and I don't intend to, especially now." Suddenly, there was no sound of them, no sight of them, no trace of them. Their footsteps covered by the screaming wind, their shadows hidden by the pounding blizzard.
"Looks as though this is it my newfound friend" Ulrich muttered softly.
"Only thing left is to take it like men" the other managed to spill shaking. The smallest twig cracked, and suddenly they heard something running, growling, nearer and nearer it drew. Both cringing in fear they hear the unexpected. Loud gunshots and barks could be heard
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Ash and Gary by CrazyGrace200 Ash and Gary :iconcrazygrace200:CrazyGrace200 11 15 Slender by CrazyGrace200 Slender :iconcrazygrace200:CrazyGrace200 56 21 Slender Man Fun~! by CrazyGrace200 Slender Man Fun~! :iconcrazygrace200:CrazyGrace200 1 0




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Guys I'm back!!! I'm so sorry I was gone for so long... I was struggling with school a lot, and didn't pay attention to my main account. But I'm back! I'll be fixing my account and making it better than ever! Trust me!

When I got back on I saw how many likes and favorites my fan fictions had been getting,so I'll be writing a lot more of those for sure. I'll upload more drawings soon too.

Anyone who wants to RP, I'm deleting my RP account soon. So RP here please!

Love you guys! I'm happy to be back!
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